About the Number Plate Collectors' Club of Australia


The NPCC was formed in April 1981 by nine enthusiasts and has grown to more than 600 members representing all States and Territories of Australia, as well as many other countries.

The club's aims are to promote the hobby of collecting number plates and research their history, encompassing any allied interests such as registration labels, souvenir plates, photography of plates, and provide a forum to promote the exchange of information and an avenue for contacting other collectors.

Primarily our emphasis is on Australasia region number plates, with coverage extending to overseas plates for those who are interested. However, as there are other clubs specialising in American licence plates and European plates, we limit our coverage of these areas. The NPCC produces a quality newsletter four times a year and holds a National Convention every June, as well as State Conventions during the year in the ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA and one in the USA.

Please note: The NPCC is not involved in the buying and selling of the Registration Right To Display Of Numeric or Custom or Personalised Plates. We only collect expired number plates, similar to the collecting of cancelled postage stamps or obsolete banknotes.